Galentine’s Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day has to be one of the cutest holidays! Even if you don't have a Valentine this year (like me!), it's still fun to celebrate with your girlfriends! After all, Valentine's Day is just about celebrating the people you love :) Have a pizza night, watch a rom com, bake…

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Affordable Gift Guide for Her

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How crazy is it that Christmas is next month?! 2020 has been quite the year (to say the least), and I'm sure everyone is hoping that the holidays bring the Christmas Cheer that we all need :).  I love Christmas for so many reasons, but one of my favorites is finding…

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Fall Fashion

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The summer blues quickly fade away when Starbucks releases the Pumpkin Spice Latte, fall scents fill the air, and the stores are stocked with cozy cardigans, cute booties, and warm sweaters. It's officially starting to feel like fall around here, and I am loving it! A new season always calls for…

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The Best Planner for College

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I live by my planner. It helps me organize my school work, plan my schedule, and stay on track with my "to-do's" for the week. I started using a planner in high school, but it has become even more important in college. I think I'd be so lost without it! Over the…

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How to earn a 4.0 your Freshman Year of College

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Freshman year can be scary. You're dropped off on an unfamiliar campus full of people you don't know, and you're living in a small dorm room with someone besides your family. And, on top of adjusting to this change, you have CLASSES!  I mean, that's why you're in college, right? Unless…

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Back to School Shopping

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Well, somehow it's already August, which means back-to-school is just around the corner. I've always loved the beginning of a new school year. It's great to get back into a solid routine and have a fresh start. It's also a great excuse to do some shopping! I  LOVE shopping for school…

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Monthly Recap: July 2020

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Well that's another month of 2020 past us! July is usually one of my favorite months of the year (because summer), and although thing were W-E-I-R-D this year, it was still a very fun and memorable month.  Fourth of July on Lake TravisAs I've said many times before, the Fourth is…

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Fitbit Versa vs. Garmin Venu: a review & comparison

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I've always been into fitness and working out, and about two years ago, I started wearing a Fitbit to track my activity. I love trying to hit 10,000 steps each day, working on improving my pace during my runs, and reading into my health data. I've found it to be so…

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5 ways to Manage Money in College

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Tracking expenses and managing money can be difficult in college, especially if it's your first time handling your own money (or if you like shopping a lot, like me :) ). It's so important to have a budget and to save. Here are a few tips for managing a college budget: …

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