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3 Goals for my Blog
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Stay genuine.

First and most importantly, I want my blog to be real, authentic, and honest. My main sources of inspiration for starting a blog were the many blogs that I’ve been following for awhile. My favorite bloggers are those that I trust to be genuine and real people on the other side of the screen. In writing posts and creating content on any subject, my goal is remain true to myself.  I feel like the “influencer world” that has become so popular recently can be very materialistic and idealized. My goal is not to portray a picture perfect life because my life is far from perfect. My joy does not come from new clothes, fancy trips, or a large social media following. My goal is not to idealize the material and temporary things in this world but to speak truth and stay grounded in who I am. 

Be unique.

There are SO many bloggers out there, and I’ve gained inspiration from so many. In creating my own blog and writing my own posts, I want to explore my own creativity and be unique. The main reason I wanted to start this blog was to have a space to express my creativity, not anyone else’s. My goal is not to compare myself or my site to others, but to stand out in my uniqueness. 

Bless others.

Although I originally started a blog purely for myself, I want my posts and content to bless or impact others in some way. I continue to write posts for my own personal enjoyment, but my goal is for my page to positively influence its visitors, whether it’s through encouragement, entertainment, or inspiration. 

much love,

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